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Welcome to Advance Marble & Granite Ltd. Our beautiful showroom opened in 2008 and continues to serve greater Toronto’s booming construction industry today by supplying high-quality stone materials. From pristine marble ideal for high-end custom bathrooms, to sparkling granite in almost any color for a perfect kitchen backdrop, we keep a large selection of stone materials in our inventory at all times. Our supply is at the ready, so you can find and install the perfect slab with minimal hassle and waiting time.


Through the years, Advance Marble & Granite Ltd. has forged its reputation as a leader and taken the construction industry by storm. Site supervisors, contract managers, and construction VPs know they can count on Advance Marble & Granite Ltd. to take care of all their stone needs without worry while they focus on building quality homes.

To keep up with our growing customer base, Advance Marble & Granite Ltd. purchased new automated machinery, hired more staff, & tripled our capacity in 2016. With these advancements, we are thrilled to offer our services to the retail market and the construction industry, bringing our competitive pricing, quality, & experience to all types of customers. As of 2017, Advance Marble & Granite Ltd. now operates its first retail-focused showroom in Toronto.


For nearly a decade, we’ve served our customers with three principles in mind, building our business and building the kind of trust that will keep us growing for many years to come.

The second principle is quick turnaround. If you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, a lot of different pieces of the project must be timed in a certain order for the project to go smoothly. Thanks to our experience partnering with construction industry experts, we know how to work closely with contractors to ensure the entire building project flows smoothly and materials arrive on time.


The first principle is competitive prices. It’s our goal to deliver savings to you, because we know cost is what counts to our customers. Our stone materials are of a high quality and priced like a wholesaler, without any extra mark-ups.

Finally, Advance Marble & Granite Ltd. believes in providing unmatched customer service to each customer, every day. From a helpful and welcoming retail sales staff at our beautiful new showroom to professional, courteous, and prompt stone technicians performing estimates and installations, we want your experience to be easy, convenient, and enjoyable.


We have built a network of builders and satisfied customers, who trust us for all their stone material sourcing. We strive to get you the best materials possible at the right price and deliver them to you in a timely manner.

Visit Our Showroom Today for Great Prices on Stone Countertops!